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startup name for business

Choose a better startup name for business

The main goal of any online entrepreneur is to start their business out in a promising way. That doesn’t necessarily have to mean being lucrative, not from the beginning at the very least. The truth is that the early weeks or months (in fact, sometimes even the early years) can be an uphill battle, regardless of what field and niche you are in. That’s just the nature of business. There is nothing we can do about that but this [...]

build brands online

Top ideas to build brands online

Most businessmen know a thing or two about the commitment it takes to promote and grow a business. It doesn’t happen overnight, and the process can be especially slow and grueling if the project lacks a strong base. What does a strong base mean when we are talking about online businesses? The absence of a quality name and a carefully (and realistically) put together plan are among the two most notorious mistakes. When you want to build brands online, [...]


How did you think about naming your startup?

The name of your startup is one of the most important aspects of your business. Simultaneously, allowing yourself to arrive to the right choice is one of the best decisions that you can make as an online entrepreneur. It is not always a straightforward and easy decision, but it is ultimately worth it. It is worth it because with that decision, you create an important base that will positively affect and support your whole business for the remainder of [...]

Brandable Name

Choosing a Brandable Name for your Startup

People who are starting a new business should consider three main aspects before getting on with the plan. That’s not to say they can’t have more criteria than that, but those are the main ones that should not be left out of anyone’s list. These three aspects will play a pivotal role when you want a brandable name for your startup, which means their importance cannot be overstated. Now let’s talk about the three main criteria. They are your [...]

company name

The importance of a company name

When parents name their children, they determine part of the child’s future. Generally nothing life-changing, at least hopefully. Before we dwell into the otherwise interesting but not really relevant subject of philosophy, let’s spin this around and change the context. What do you think, is the naming process of your business could be equally important? Not talking about sentimental values, obviously, rather a purely business-like aspect. The answer is not simply a resounding yes, but it needs an addendum [...]

Domain Name

Is Your Domain Name Available?

Finding the right domain name is extremely important. The reason is pretty straightforward, it is an essential part of your marketing. When it comes to trying to sell your products or service to people around the world, internet marketing is what will be the source of your success or downfall. With the latter, it’s usually the lack thereof. It’s pretty basic stuff from a purely logical standpoint, if you think about it. You want certain information packages to find certain people, [...]

best startup name

What are requirements for the best startup name?

A lot of inexperienced online entrepreneurs have basically no idea just how important it is to find the best startup name. Conversely, those who have been in this business and saw how it goes, will instantly tell you all the advantages that the right domain name can offer, along with the downfalls that its absence could likely cause. While it can be a straightforward and even quick process on occasions, generally it is a rather grueling endeavor that requires [...]

Buying A Domain Name

Buying a domain name for business brand visibility

Let’s face it, the world is going in a direction where connectivity becomes more and more important. Almost everybody is tech-savvy these days, which means that information is more readily available than during any other point in the history of mankind. Where does buying a domain name comes into this picture? Well, the current state of the internet and its general availability means that more and more people can reach us (and our product) than ever before. These may [...]

Logo For Your Startup

Choose the perfect logo for your startup

Online startups are extremely popular these days. People know that they have a great opportunity on their hand to market a specific product on the internet. This means that many ideas actually come to fruition. Many of these entrepreneurs have right or even great ideas and a product that could really take off, but at the same time, unfortunately a lot of them won’t be successful because they forget one (or more than one) rule of marketing. The importance of [...]