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The Best Domain Name

Find the best domain name for you

The best domain name for your site Choosing the right domain name is not always a straightforward process. You could have an excellent idea in theory, but that idea might already be taken by the time you could do anything about it. Regardless, you have to come up with something that is distinctive, something that will allow you and your product to stand out of the crowd and rise above the competition. That’s usually a rather underrated aspect of an [...]

Startup Names

Coming up with the right startup names

The name of your startup is much more important than yours. Our names usually represent an idea of our parents. They probably had a reason to choose that particular name, but they did not really determine anything by giving it to us. Now when we are looking for startup names, we are suddenly talking about a whole different ball game. The name of your business venture matters. It matters very much, and not just because it is usually the [...]

Create My Brand Name

Create my brand name cost-effectively

Brand building is the single best way of furthering your online presence and at the same time, increasing the popularity of your product. What do you need for that to end with success? It all starts with a strong foundation. You have to ask yourself the question, how to create my brand name? Think about your vision. You have to clarify your goals and once you laid out that carefully considered plan, you have to think of a way [...]

Domain Name Suggestion

Domain name suggestion for your new business

I have a domain name suggestion for you. It should be the same as your website’s name. This may sound obvious to some, but the truth is that many don’t realize the importance of this until it’s too late. The URL should always be the name of the website, and there is a simple reason for that. Even though they are not, and don’t have to be the same, the vast majority of the users associate the two with [...]

Brand Name Ideas

Brand name ideas for your business

Brand name ideas need to be sharp, precise, preferably short but memorable. The reasons are obvious, yet cannot be overstated. Your brand is a message to your customers. It’s a description, a reminder of what you and your product are about. If you have a brand, you will constantly send out a message about it. The name of that brand will be much more than that, it will also be a first impression, a signature and an argument in itself. Whether [...]

Brandable Business Names

Brandable business names

If you start a new website, your first  – and maybe most important – task is to come up with brandable business names. That choice could largely determine the fate of your business. To fully understand the reasons behind this, first we have to take a look at how the the nature of the domain name impacts certain aspects (SEO, trust-factor), especially when they are brandable business names. Are keywords good brandable business names? In the last couple of years online entrepreneurs [...]

Brandable Domain Name

5 reasons for choosing a brandable domain name

#1 A brandable domain name will be memorable If you have managed to come up with a brandable domain name, there is a high probability that you have found something memorable. When we deem a domain name “brandable”, we kind of presume that people will remember it. That is one of the unwritten requirements. It’s because a brand is known and the word about it constantly goes around. Why? Because it is memorable from every aspect, from quality through its name [...]

Startup name reveals your business

A quality startup name reveals your business

  To fully understand why a startup name reveals your business – for whatever it is, below average, good or great -, let’s  take a u-turn first. First, instead of talking about the positives of a carefully chosen startup name, I want to make you understand why a bad startup name will hurt you. Sometimes it is much more useful to understand what not to do as opposed to having a fail-safe plan. There is no such thing anyway. A bad startup name [...]

startup name for a new business

A good startup name for a new business?

Most entrepreneur understands why the startup name for a new business is so essential. They know it will be the first thing their customers will see, a proverbial hello. A conversation starter. The idea behind the name represents something in a way that others would want to be associated with it. All the great brands around the world manage to do exactly that. The most recent trends in the startup business further reinforce these basic marketing notions. When there [...]

good startup name

The road that leads to a good startup name

Identifying and obtaining a good startup name is one of the most important aspects of your preparation when you are about to launch an online business. The reasons are probably self-explanatory for many, but we will go over them regardless. Your domain name plays a significant role in your success, why? Mainly because the name is an advertisement in itself, an ad that you will likely only have to pay once for, if even that. By finding something catchy and easy [...]