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aged domain names

Why Aged Domain Names Tend to Work

Aged domain names are as popular as ever, and there is a very good reason for it. They tend to work. Not really the age that matters in those cases, but rather the PageRank that you can buy with a domain like that. That is what we are after. Another important factor is the back link profiles. See, there is a vast difference between aged domain names and as often is the case, it comes down to you to realize this and [...]


Find Startup Names Get Your Acclaims

How to find startup names, they ask. Well, since this is a somewhat straightforward but still fairly tough process, a little bit of brain storming certainly helps. We all know the general thumb of rules. It should be memorable, preferably short, probably something that could be globally recognized later?  If you come up with one and it’s all that, and it also helps create a good first impression about both your company and your product, you can say that you have done a [...]


A com Domain Name Still Reigns Supreme

When we are talking about the main reasons why a com domain name is still the superior – and most certainly the best choice – in the vast majority of the cases when it comes to the selection process of a domain name, familiarity has to come up first. It makes sense, if you think about it. Why do people like certain brands, certain domain names? Exactly because of that familiarity, because of that recognizable quality they associate that [...]


Securing Business Domain Name in the Right Way

Business domain name – what’s that? The world of business domain name is not necessarily easy to navigate in. There are trends constantly changing and depending on the particular niche you are invested in, there could any number of ways to tackle this conundrum. With that said, while those trends are changing, there are several thumb of rules that were true 15-20 years ago at the dawn of the whole domain phenomenon, and will remain true for the foreseeable future. Let’s [...]


Brand Names Are a Lasting Investment

Would you be surprised if I’d tell you that brand names will last the longest out of all of your investments? That’s right, no other investment will have the same longevity. Millions of new businesses pop up around the world each year which makes it increasingly important (and difficult) to come up with the right one. When you do, however, it will be a rewarding endeavor. A good (and especially a great) name offers you a tremendous advantage that [...]