5 reasons for choosing a brandable domain name

Brandable Domain Name

5 reasons for choosing a brandable domain name

#1 A brandable domain name will be memorable

If you have managed to come up with a brandable domain name, there is a high probability that you have found something memorable. When we deem a domain name “brandable”, we kind of presume that people will remember it. That is one of the unwritten requirements. It’s because a brand is known and the word about it constantly goes around. Why? Because it is memorable from every aspect, from quality through its name to the brand that it represents.

#2 A brandable domain name is relevant

I’m reasonably sure that you are familiar with the situation when someone says something, but that something doesn’t really mean what they think it does? Newsflash, that can happen to anybody. To extrapolate this point, if you think you have found a brandable domain name, the assumption will once again be that you have found something that people will be able to relate to. It needs to relevant, it doesn’t really matter how clever you think it is, people need to get it.


#3 A brandable domain name can be spelled without the help of a thesaurus

Brandable domain names are rarely inside jokes or a combination of complicated words. The main thing here is to come up with something that will make others say, why didn’t I think of that? When do we say this? When we see simple concepts that work. There are excellent complex ideas that would surely land with a portion of your target audience, but no matter how funny or insightful something is, if the vast majority of them don’t get it, it will be counterproductive. People need to get it. Also, it doesn’t hurt if they are able to type it in without actually having to look up your phrase in a thesaurus.

#4 A brandable domain name creates trust

I’m not going to go as far to say that your brandable domain name has to sound authoritative. If it is, well then that is okay, but that doesn’t have to be the sole goal. What should definitely be a goal is to come up with something that will put faith in your future customers. In my opinion what you should not do when you are selecting a domain name, is telling people how great you are. For example, if you want to sell gadgets, you should not name your website “ihavethebestgadgets.com” or something in that nature. Rather something like “paradiseofgadgets.com”. The second version indicates that you have quality and quantity, but you won’t come off as a total know-it-all, to put it mildly.

#5 A brandable domain name is usually short

I’m not going to say that a domain name has to be short in order to work. There are plenty of examples that say otherwise. With that said, a brandable domain name is usually short, or at the very least closer to being short than the other way. Short doesn’t necessarily mean four or five letters, but the general thumb of rule here is to not put more than two words in your domain name.

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