A com Domain Name Still Reigns Supreme


A com Domain Name Still Reigns Supreme

When we are talking about the main reasons why a com domain name is still the superior – and most certainly the best choice – in the vast majority of the cases when it comes to the selection process of a domain name, familiarity has to come up first. It makes sense, if you think about it. Why do people like certain brands, certain domain names? Exactly because of that familiarity, because of that recognizable quality they associate that certain brand or product with. The name plays a huge part in that because that is the first thing the potential customer sees. What’s the other important factor? That’s right, the type of extension you use.

A com domain name is recognized

The reason why a com domain name creates more trust in the average customer, is the fact that this is the single most used extension around the world, and it’s really not close. More than 50% of all websites in the world use this specific extension. The next most popular one? It’s the .net extension with a measly 4.9%. See, when we say that this is not really a contest, we are actually way underselling this whole phenomenon. The truth is that .com makes this game a blowout before it actually starts. Simply put, there is no other extension type that is as recognized and trustworthy in the eyes or your potential customers than .com. Taking advantage of this is one of the best decision you can make if you want to own a website.

Use a com domain name to expand

Another underrated aspect for those who want to select a com domain name is the possible expansion down the road. Let’s say you want something locally, and you choose a region-specific domain name for that very reason. Why would you limit yourself with that decision when a .com extension can still be valuable to you while allowing the site to be recognized internationally later? Granted, a lot depends on your specific product in these cases, but still, by at least entertaining this idea when you start out, you will allow yourself to develop something bigger later, something that can and will be expanded.

More traffic with a com domain name

The last – and for some, the most important – factor is the traffic. Let’s say you are trying a region-specific extension instead of the common .com one. Where ever you live and whatever you choose, it is a virtual certainty that your choice of extension will be less recognized compared to the .com variant. When I say less recognized, I actually mean a lot less recognized, as we have already discussed this. When that happens, when you choose a domain extension that is not well-known or may be even borderline unknown, a lot of your potential customers will get your domain name right, but they will mess up the extension. What a lot of them will do, is type .com into the browser, not reaching your site because you haven’t selected the most obvious extension. That’s another important factor why choosing a com domain name makes a lot of sense.

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