Brand Names Are a Lasting Investment


Brand Names Are a Lasting Investment

Would you be surprised if I’d tell you that brand names will last the longest out of all of your investments? That’s right, no other investment will have the same longevity. Millions of new businesses pop up around the world each year which makes it increasingly important (and difficult) to come up with the right one. When you do, however, it will be a rewarding endeavor. A good (and especially a great) name offers you a tremendous advantage that should be exploited by every entrepreneur regardless of the niche of their business.

Great brand names are suggestive

When I’m talking about being suggestive, I’m thinking about getting a positive reaction out of your potential customers. The name will be your way of saying hello, a first impression that needs to be very positive. In an ideal scenario, brand names evoke a pleasant feeling in your potential customer. That can be curiosity, trust or maybe even both, the main thing is to get to them and grab their attention in a way that can develop into a mutually beneficial relationship between the provider and the consumer.

Great brand names are meaningful

Your customers will need to get your message. You can go two ways about this. You can exploit an already existing association-system. If you have a restaurant for example, you can always just exploit people’s love for food. In that scenario these brand names can remind them just how delicious your product (which is in this case, would be the food) will be. Regardless of your potential customer base, your name will have to resonate with them in a positive way.

Great brand names create new brand names

When you have something truly creative supported by a quality product, you will be able to build on it. The best brand names work like that, they give birth to other brand names. Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey Ice Cream is a good example for this. An already established brand name created something that is maybe just as recognizable as the original brand name.

The best brand names move people

If you have a truly established business with one of the better brand names out there, you will be able to create positive emotions in your customers. That will create a connection that is probably as important as your product itself.

The best brand names are not bad ones

Sometimes a meaningful name is better than trying to come up with something truly extraordinary. There is a fine line between memorable and infamous and while you should probably try to exploit this, coming up with something that won’t make sense, or worse, will create a bad association in your customers is simply one of worst things you could do as a business owner. Good brand names are not always clever or even memorable, some of them just get the job done. Try to come up with something truly great, but if it doesn’t work or your idea has already been taken, landing on a sure bet is not always a bad thing.

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