Brandable business names

Brandable Business Names

Brandable business names

If you start a new website, your first  – and maybe most important – task is to come up with brandable business names. That choice could largely determine the fate of your business. To fully understand the reasons behind this, first we have to take a look at how the the nature of the domain name impacts certain aspects (SEO, trust-factor), especially when they are brandable business names.

Are keywords good brandable business names?

In the last couple of years online entrepreneurs had a habit of buying domains with their specific target keyword in it. Just a quick example – say they wanted to sell tennis balls. In that case, they probably bought “”. You get the picture. There are two important questions to ask here. First, why did they do that? Naturally, their reasoning behind those choices was obtaining higher rankings on the search engines.

The second question is the following: is this still an efficient method? The answer is yes, but there is a catch that explains why brandable business names reigns superior these days. While you can still get quality results following this tactic, there is data out there that suggests it is not as efficient as it once was. What does this mean? Well, the average ranking of EMD’s (exact matching domain) got significantly lower in the last five years. It still works if you can find the right combination, but it doesn’t have to be the focal point of your plan anymore, and that’s a good thing. I’ll tell you why.

Brandable business names over keywords

Again, there are advantages of having a domain name that has specific keywords in it. However, what – without a doubt – trumps that is the brandability of the domain. We cannot press it enough, your domain name and what it represents should be the very foundation of your business. Brandable domain names are valuable because they are the first line of your plan, your point of attack, so to speak. It would be foolish to think that search optimization is only about keywords. It’s not. It is about brandable names and their recognizable qualities. Simply put, brands aren’t going away anytime soon.

Benefits of brandable business names

Well, the most important benefit is obviously marketability. If you managed to develop a brand, that brand will basically sell itself. The hard work of course, is reaching that point and obtaining the right domain name is a huge part of that. Without the base, it is almost impossible to succeed. You really have to have a legendary product or service to get away with botching the domain name selection process. Brandable business names can act as a constant reminder that they are valuable, that they represent something others solely need.

That name will be your contact between you and your customers. That is how they will find you, and that is what they will remember you from. Whether those customers will find your brand name on a social media platform or by typing words into a search engine, the domain name, your hopefully brandable name will be the first thing they see. That is your brand’s identity and it needs to shine through those pages.


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