Choose the perfect logo for your startup

Logo For Your Startup

Choose the perfect logo for your startup

Online startups are extremely popular these days. People know that they have a great opportunity on their hand to market a specific product on the internet. This means that many ideas actually come to fruition. Many of these entrepreneurs have right or even great ideas and a product that could really take off, but at the same time, unfortunately a lot of them won’t be successful because they forget one (or more than one) rule of marketing.

The importance of standing out of the crowd. If people doesn’t really think that your product can offer them something new, they won’t buy, regardless of the fact that it actually would or would not. A memorable logo for your startup is a great start.

A logo for your startup is a visual occasion

We are visual beings. There is probably no better way to get someone’s attention than showing them a picture that will end up being engraved into their brain. Showing them a picture, I don’t necessarily mean this in a literal sense but that’s actually a quality marketing tool as well. Many don’t realize this, but marketing is not just (or maybe even especially not) a direct endeavor. You need to put your ideas inside of your customers’ brain. I’m obviously not talking about pseudo-scientific methods like mind control, rather a successful marketing plan that involves SEO or a memorable logo for your startup.

The characters in your logo for your startup

Color, image, font, with the latter obviously not being mandatory. However, I would argue that unless you are famous or has an already established brand, you should definitely use text as well, at least in the beginning. After your brand name has been associated with the logo itself, and the logo with your brand (and certain qualities too, of course), you will be able to use the logo by itself without having to remind others what it stands for. Think Apple, or Nike.

Naturally, I’m not saying you will be able to create a brand like that (although, who am I to doubt you, right?), but you don’t have to develop a world brand in order to take advantage of this school of thinking. The concept can absolutely be exploited by anyone who has something they feel could be valuable, and they are also willing to put in the work to make it happen. When you are looking for the best logo for your startup, remember that vibrant colors tend to work better.

Advantages a great logo for your startup can offer

Now of course, there are certain products that simply won’t allow vibrant colors, but if yours do, this is one of those general thumbs of rules that will likely work in your favor. Creativity is key here. People do not want to see another generic logo, even if they don’t realize this. Our brain is wired to notice new information.

The colors also need to go well with your font. Now, if you want to include your company name – which as I have said – is definitely a good idea in the beginning, you have to achieve symmetry and synergy when it comes to the visual relationship of your text, font and colors. We, human beings, are attracted to symmetry. Don’t forget that, and develop the best logo for your startup.

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