Choosing a Brandable Name for your Startup

Brandable Name

Choosing a Brandable Name for your Startup

People who are starting a new business should consider three main aspects before getting on with the plan. That’s not to say they can’t have more criteria than that, but those are the main ones that should not be left out of anyone’s list. These three aspects will play a pivotal role when you want a brandable name for your startup, which means their importance cannot be overstated. Now let’s talk about the three main criteria. They are your capital (your assets, general financial strength), your business plan and the name of your business.

A brandable name with a plan 

These three will largely determine how successful you can be, provided that you have a decent product or service of course. The money aspect shouldn’t be hard to explain. You need money to make things happen. I’m not saying you need a lot of money for that, but you need some, regardless of the fact how much you plan to do by yourself. Remember this, even if some aspects are lacking in your plan, it can still work if you excel in others.

There are thousands of examples of successful brands or products that are rather average yet still highly successful, thanks to their strong background which often (in fact, almost always in those cases) includes a quality marketing plan and a brandable name. There are also great products that are doing quite well despite the average marketing behind them. That’s can be attributed almost entirely to the quality of the products. The reason is simple, a truly great product is its own advertisement and there is significant truth to that notion.

A brandable name hits home 

In an ideal scenario, the name correlates with the company’s name or at the very least, the customers should be able to associate them with each other. It doesn’t have to be a direct meaning but people (your customers) need to understand the connection between the two. Whether that link exists or not, will largely determine how successful your business can be, at least in the initial phase.

A brandable domain reaches your customers 

The main purpose of a brandable domain is to successfully target an audience. That audience is often also a customer base, certainly if you have a product or service that you wish to sell. It can also help you get into the corporate level where a brand name is often equally important to the quality of the product itself. Getting creative is also a legitimate option, remember, several huge companies started out with a name that did not really make sense at the time.

A good idea often turns into a great business, but unfortunately, a lot of good ideas have already been taken. That is the nature of the business in 2015. While it is much easier to earn a decent amount of money to a variety of online entrepreneurs, it is much tougher to come up with a truly groundbreaking idea for an online business. Chances are that whatever you can come up with first, someone else already did it. With some careful planning and hard work, that disadvantage can easily be nullified.



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