Cool Branding Names for your Business


Cool Branding Names for your Business

A brand is the identifiable marker for your business product. Cool branding names are titles applied to products or services that are so familiar that people associate the cool branding names with that product exclusively.

Kleenex is a brand of facial tissues that is so common in the United States that the majority of people refer to facial tissues as being Kleenex. “Pyrex” is a manufacturer of glass bowls and many people refer to glass mixing bowls as “Pyrex” bowls whether the containers were crafted by Pyrex or not.

The same thing is true of “Jell-o”. Jell-o is a company that makes fruit flavored gelatins, and puddings. A lot of people in the United States call all gelatin; “Jell-o” because they are so familiar with the brand.

When you have a business you want to create cool branding names so that you become a household word like Jell-o, Kleenex, Pyrex, Tampax, etc.


Choosing Cool Branding Names


Choosing cool branding names can be a daunting task. The daunting part of choosing cool branding names is deciding which name will be the best one, and which name will not be as profitable.


When you are trying to choose a moniker you need to think about what it is that you sell. Are you in a general category of toys, garden supplies, or something like that. You want to make sure that the brand you associate with your stuff reflects what general type of things you have so people understand what you have to offer.

Be Specific

Get specific with single items to attract customers who are looking for specific items. If you have merchandise that falls into the category of toys, but you have more things that would be associated with toy trains, then you want to make sure that trains, or something about trains is included in the brand name that you select.

Do Research

You should sit down at your computer and type your general category into the browser. This will pop up search engine suggestions for other web pages that are closely related to the things you have on your pages.

You can see the names that are currently being used, and pay attention to how close to the top of the search engine suggestion list that the names are. The first ten web sites listed by the search engine will be the most frequently visited web sites. After people go to two or three web sites looking for the item they are in search of they generally pick from one of those sites. The brand names listed on those first sites will be the ones that are most effective. You can use that information to create a brand title that people will respond to.


Think of Hiring a Professional


You might not realize that there are professional companies that help people establish cool branding names for their web pages, or products. NameB is an excellent company that can help you develop the name you need to make you popular.

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