Domain name suggestion for your new business

Domain Name Suggestion

Domain name suggestion for your new business

I have a domain name suggestion for you. It should be the same as your website’s name. This may sound obvious to some, but the truth is that many don’t realize the importance of this until it’s too late. The URL should always be the name of the website, and there is a simple reason for that. Even though they are not, and don’t have to be the same, the vast majority of the users associate the two with each other. Let’s say you came up with an idea. You want to sell fresh flowers., however, is already taken.

You cannot simply choose a generic name, like “”, or something like that. In that example, you would have to come up with something that can still be associated with your business, like, or something like that. The other course of action is to come up with a different name altogether. Unless you have a specific brand with an already somewhat established name, you will have a lot of wiggle room.

Relatable domain name suggestion


If you can come up with a domain name that can be associated with your product (possibly with the same name), and on top of that that address is easy to remember and type, you already avoided one of the biggest downfalls that most startup usually faces with. When it comes to domain name suggestion, remember these two key points.

  • It should be short: The sweet spot is between five and eight characters. That’s not to say that you cannot create a popular website with a longer name than that, but that is generally what we call the ideal character range. That is the length that will make your URL memorable.


  • It should also be distinctive: If possible, your domain name should always be unique. How you achieve that will come down to your specific brand and likely its characteristics, but you should always aim for something distinctive.

How domain name suggestion will improve your business?


When we are talking about a domain name suggestion, we always have to keep our eyes on our future goals. We need that good idea, that base we can later build something on, and there is no better base than a popular domain. Many can create valuable content or a product that will sell fairly well, but they often don’t realize how much more successful they could have been, had they put a little more time into choosing their domain name.

Domain name suggestion for business owners:


If you really want to go all out, you can register multiple domain names that later will be linked with each other, driving traffic towards each other. A simple English domain name suggestion rarely works because it takes away the purpose. It’s often better to use a word that’s actually not an English word, but frequently used by native English speakers. If you have a surefire product that you know will do well, it’s best to stick with its name and buy that domain name so the brand and the site can grow together, hand in hand.

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