How did you think about naming your startup?


How did you think about naming your startup?

The name of your startup is one of the most important aspects of your business. Simultaneously, allowing yourself to arrive to the right choice is one of the best decisions that you can make as an online entrepreneur. It is not always a straightforward and easy decision, but it is ultimately worth it. It is worth it because with that decision, you create an important base that will positively affect and support your whole business for the remainder of its hopefully very long lifespan. Think about the brand name as free advertisement.

A quality startup name is free advertising

When you can find the ideal fit, you will end up with something that will help you promote and sell your product just by existing. Because of these reasons, this is something you should definitely try to hit out of the park. What does hitting out of the park means when it comes to a startup name? The trinity. Something that is short, memorable and relatable, which among others means that it can be associated with your business or product. The business or product in question is something your customers will want.

Best reasons should startup business

IF you can, integrating your startup and domain name is an excellent idea. Unless there is a clear obstacle (mainly someone else owning the domain), choosing that course of action is generally efficient and rewarding both from a financial and a marketing standpoint. That’s not a huge surprise, considering the fact that the two basically go hand in hand. Choosing something totally unrelated can also work and there are several examples of it. Even those names, however, are usually short and memorable. Think about the NIKEs, Apples or Sonys of the world. People have a surprisingly low tolerance towards too long names. Even when they don’t realize it, they will find a short name more appealing.

Important things need to do before the startup

If there is a single criteria that trumps all when it comes to choosing the right startup name, is probably the fact that it needs to be easily understandable. You can come up with ideas that will make everyone in the office laugh, making you collectively shout out “eureka”, it still won’t mean a thing if your customers can’t understand it. Remember, the startup name is one of the most important aspects of an online business. You really want to get it right.

A bad idea won’t come alive on its own. When you can, however, come up with something truly fascinating, not only your customers will end up being hooked on it, but you will have a much easier time from a marketing standpoint. When you truly get it right, advertising your business will become a much easier and straightforward process. When you have something popular, others will come to you so they can be a part of it. Other websites, social media and even television, people will step on each other’s toes just to get a slice of your business. You should create your startup name with that in mind.

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