How to make your startup domain name stand out

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How to make your startup domain name stand out

You need a startup domain name that will stick with your future customers. The attraction aspect has to be there, otherwise you are banking everything on your product. That can be a good thing, but even if you are sure that you have something others don’t, ignoring this important marketing standpoint would probably still end up limiting your profits. See, the reason for this is non-other than the following fact – no matter how good your product is, it won’t sell itself.

Your startup domain name is not a brand, not yet

I said it won’t sell itself, this isn’t always true. What I wanted to say, is that it certainly will not at the beginning. Sure, the biggest brands around the world can absolutely do that. You see a great basketball shoe on somebody at the park, so you go to the nearest shop and buy it. You experience the elegance and power of a sports car, you decide it’s time to buy a new ride. This happens every day, great brands basically sell themselves. But why is that? Well, because their brandability is near their maximum ceiling.


Get close to them with the right domain startup name

We are talking about the Nikes, the Mercedeses of the world. Brands with several decades of greatness behind them. Brandability done to perfection. Getting to that level obviously requires a little bit (or more like, a lot) of everything, including some good ole’ luck from the Lady herself. Hey, it could happen, who am I to say otherwise? If it’s going to happen, however, it will almost certainly happen behind a memorable and truly unique domain startup name.


Consider these points while choosing your startup domain name

There are three basic approaches when it comes to selecting your startup domain name. Let’s pick those apart a little.

#1 Using a word that perfectly describes your brand: Being descriptive with your brand name is a sure way to tackle this problem with clear advantages. For starters, it tells your customers what your product is about. For example, if you are planning to market a cleaning solution, choosing the squeakycleansolution startup domain name might be something to look at. Now before you go ahead and steal my mediocre idea, let’s see another alternative.


#2 Your exact brand name: I would argue that whenever it is possible to go with a startup domain name that matches the name of your brand (fully or partially), you should do that. If not possible, you can try to use your brand name with putting another word next to it, a word that you feel will add something to its uniqueness or shines light on one of, or all the positive aspects your brand can bring to your customers.


#3 Coming up with a unique, possibly funny word: Another route is to come up with a word or phrase that although isn’t necessarily indicative of what you are selling, will still grab the attention of your customers, possibly making them curious regarding what you have to sell. In any case, I do think that the first two methods are usually more efficient, but there could be instances where this solution can be effective as well.


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