Is an Aged Domain a Sound Investment?


Is an Aged Domain a Sound Investment?

If you are going to have n internet website that sells things, or is in some other way a commercial operation then you obviously need a domain for your pages. An aged domain is one that has already been established by someone else, and it has already been registered. The search engines and their creepy crawlers are already aware of the presence of an aged domain so in some cases buying an aged domain will get you larger profits at a faster rate.


Are all Aged Domains the same?


All aged domains are not the same, and they are not all going to get you the same amount of recognition, or the same responses that you desire. The value of an aged domain will depend on the amount of traffic the site has received in the past, and the amount of precedence that the search engines attribute to the site.

If you buy an aged domain that has back links establish to many different sites then you are going to get a lot more traffic than if you buy one that has a back link to only a few other locations.

Page Ranking

The big search engines like Google rank a page according to how important, or popular, they believe the page to be. They use the number of visitors to the page, and the number of links to the page, to come up with the page ranking they assign to the page.

You can get the page ranking of an aged domain to help you try and determine the value of the domain. Do not totally rely on the page ranking because a page may be rated higher than some others, but have fewer links established. A ranking for the page may have been earned because a large number of people used a back link in a short period of time. You want to see how many links are established to the page and then see how recently people have used those links to travel to the page.

Does the existing domain have to be in the same niche as the products I have?

Not always. You can revamp the domain after you get it by connecting to different links that are in your niche. This will happen after you add some content that will be relevant to your niche.


Is there anyone to Help you select an Aged Domain?


A good number of people feel like they are not qualified to determine the validity, and value of the domains they find for sale. These people do not want to make a mistake and spend a lot of money on a domain that is not going to be profitable for them. There are people who have established businesses that help other people to choose the right names for their businesses, to bran their businesses, and to buy established domains.

NameB  is one company that devotes their time and energy to helping others find the names and domains they need. Professional help in this area can mean less stress for you, and larger profits from your web pages.

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