Methods that will help you building your brand name

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Methods that will help you building your brand name

One of the few undeniable truths when it comes to online businesses is the importance of branding. Building your brand name offers you many advantages, out of which the most important one is obviously the possibility of increasing the profits. That is actually the single biggest (although not lone) reason why we do it. We want to make money. When your particular brand becomes something bigger and better, you will be able to reap the benefits, financially and otherwise.

Another great aspect of building your brand, is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. While your business will likely require your continuous effort until the end of its life span (or yours), the branding responsibilities will likely lessen as the product or service truly comes to life. A well known commodity will always require less effort to sell, because it is already brandable and people know about it, trust it.

A quality brand name rarely makes you rich by itself

Now, of course, I’m not saying you should relax and just enjoy a consistent flow of cash when you reach  that point (although many do it and do it happily), but it’s still good to know that at some point, you will likely get back some of that invested time too, and not just the money. As they say, a known brand basically runs itself. In my personal opinion, if it makes you happy, you should let it kill you. Before we delve ourselves into more philosophical mumbo jumbo, let’s talk about another important aspect.

Building something around the perfect brand name

Your brand is your business’ identity. It means something to you and you try to show that meaning to others. The best brands – be that diaper or space shuttle parts – embrace their identity. I would argue that the average customers is much more savvy today than they were 10 or 15 years ago. The vast majority of them wants the real thing, a real brand with identity. A brand name that sets your product apart.


Tips to create a professional brand name

When you are trying to come up with the perfect brand name (which should be your domain name as well, if possible, btw), you might want to consider thinking about it as a living thing. When we interact with each other, there are conscious and subconscious processes at work. The fact that you will like or even trust someone, will be decided by a combination of behavior, body language and past experiences.

Giving a good first impression in life is always a one-time opportunity. You either nail it, or you don’t. With your brand name, it’s somewhat different, but not as much that would allow you to ignore this. Yes, in business, sometimes you can have more than one shot to sell your brand. Ultimately, however, people will need to like and trust your brand in order to buy it, the same way they would do it with a person. That is why the first impression is so important, which goes back to the three most important criteria. How short, how memorable, and how unique that brand name is.


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