Securing Business Domain Name in the Right Way


Securing Business Domain Name in the Right Way

Business domain name – what’s that? The world of business domain name is not necessarily easy to navigate in. There are trends constantly changing and depending on the particular niche you are invested in, there could any number of ways to tackle this conundrum. With that said, while those trends are changing, there are several thumb of rules that were true 15-20 years ago at the dawn of the whole domain phenomenon, and will remain true for the foreseeable future. Let’s take a more detailed look into those criteria, why are they so important and how can you exploit that knowledge to create something popular.

The best business domain name usually include the location

When you have a business you want to promote, putting the location (in some way) into the domain name is usually a smart idea. The reason for that is because if you offer a service or a product in a specific region of a city or country, there will be a lot of people who’ll do their search based on that location. Think about it, how many times you have searched for something based on its location alone? If you live in a big city (let’s say New York) and you need a service of some kind, say a painting service, chances are that you will type “New York painting service” into the search box. Now if you have a business domain name that actually includes that specific location they will search for, you will come up very high among the search hits.

The best business domain name are owned by the business owner

Another definite “do” from the do’s and don’ts list has to do with the ownership of the domain name. You can rent specific domain names from certain services, but the question of ownership is generally a foggy area. While I’m not saying that you will lose your site if you don’t own your business domain name, the occasional mishap is definitely in the cards when you rely on a service like that. The best way of doing an online business or promoting one, is to actually own the domain itself. That way there is nothing anybody can do, well, apart from hackers but that danger is always out there regardless of who owns the site.

The best business domain names come with the .com extension

If you are living in a country where English is the dominant language, or you want an international business that will grow in time, using the .com extension really is a no-brainer. That is the extension that people generally like to use in cases like that, and the only exception is when people in non-English speaking countries look for something local, something specific that has nothing to do with an international product or service. In those cases, people usually prefer the region-specific extensions, but even then, most of them will be fine with the .com extension because it is, by far, the most recognized one in the whole world. As such, people – regardless of which country they live in – tend to take it more seriously compared to other business domain name.

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