The most unique domain names for the startup

unique domain names

The most unique domain names for the startup

Online entrepreneurs constantly seek these elusive, unique domain names. If you are want to create a business online and make it as successful as possible, this is one element you simply cannot ignore. Of course there is a catch. We are well into the golden age of the internet. Saying that the first idea you will come up with might already be taken, is probably a huge understatement on my part. There is a very high probability that your idea was taken a decade ago. Our brain often goes to the most obvious concepts first and when we realize that they cannot be used for various reasons ( in this case mainly because of the possibility of copyright infringement), only then we start to think outside the box. Which, I’d argue, is one of the most important qualities of a successful entrepreneur.


So how will you obtain these unique domain names?  

By making it simple. I don’t want to restrict the flow of your creative juices, really, I don’t. If you feel you have a great idea, my advice is that you should always go for it. Also, I just said that you should think outside of the box, right? Well, I argue that you can do that, and still make it simple. Simplicity offers a huge advantage when it comes to domain names. They are easy to remember. Even if you use a combination of letters for some reason (sorry, qwerty is already taken), people will be able to remember it because of its length, or lack thereof. So yes, you can absolutely make it simple and still end up with unique domain names. Certain words are a good bet, words that – directly or indirectly – can be associated with your business.


 Even unique domain names should end with

Whatever you may have heard, domains still rule the land of the internet. Are they as fierce and dominant as they once were? Not really. But they are kind of like Usain Bolt. Not as fast as once, but still comfortable ahead of everybody else, or in this case, everything else. When you are trying to come up with unique domain names, there are other aspects that you should pay attention to.

Unique domain names keep their service and name compatible

You should always remember, if you mislead your future customers with a questionable startup name selection, that won’t help your brand. It’s that simple. You need your customers’ trust to be truly successful. Remember, you are building something for the long haul. This is rarely, very rarely a quick process. Your unique domain names should always be relevant and compatible with your niche and actual service or product, which you plan to provide for your customers.

Invest in those unique domain names to become profitable

Another alternative is buying your dream domain. Not going to lie, depending on your niche and specific idea, that can be costly. It’s still – at the very least – a worthy idea to entertain, simply because of the immense and unquestionable power that the right domain name can possess.

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