The road that leads to a good startup name

good startup name

The road that leads to a good startup name

Identifying and obtaining a good startup name is one of the most important aspects of your preparation when you are about to launch an online business. The reasons are probably self-explanatory for many, but we will go over them regardless. Your domain name plays a significant role in your success, why? Mainly because the name is an advertisement in itself, an ad that you will likely only have to pay once for, if even that. By finding something catchy and easy to remember, you will make it possible for your future customers to find you and later remember you. That is the single most important requirement when it comes to the potentially lucrative fate of an online business.

A good startup name is easy to find


People will have to be able to find you, period. You can make yourself more visible in many different ways, but the name is probably the only one that does not require a continuous effort on your part. Once you got it (and I mean, really got it), that’s it. You can enjoy its benefits for the remainder of your business’ – hopefully long – lifespan. A name like that creates such presence on the internet that makes your honest effort during the selection process not merely recommended, but borderline mandatory. Simply put, a good startup name worth all the trouble.

A good startup name is brandable


I’m not going to say that a good startup name always has to be in synch with the content of your website or your product. However, they should be connected in some way. That can be subtle and even clever, but you should never take your eyes off the big picture, which is brandability. In an ideal scenario, your startup name is a brand itself, and your brand is your startup name. Now I understand, this cannot always be the case for various reasons. Still, a good startup name is always associated with the product in some way or form.

The useful features of a good start up name 


Being successful is as much about preparation, as it is about being proactive. Once your business is successful, there will aspects of it that will basically run themselves. A good startup name is one of these aspects. Once you have the right concept, that’s basically it. There is only one rule that you should stick to, no hyphens and dashes. The average people is annoyed by them, and as ridiculous as this may sound, if you go with a selection like that you will instantly lose a lot of future customers, regardless of the quality of your product or service.

Now, what are the useful features of a quality startup name? These names are almost anonymously easy to spell, short and either catchy enough, or bring some serious firepower in those few characters. That can be humor or anything that raises attention. Swear words are usually a no go, but there are exceptions to that as well. When something is easy to remember and catchy, it will attract customers (provided that your product is legitimate of course) from all over the internet.

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