The tale of a good startup name

good startup name

The tale of a good startup name

When people decide to turn a startup idea into something more and take it to the next level, one of the very first decisions they have to make has to do with the name. Coming up with a good startup name is key. While this may be an underrated aspect of an online business in the eyes of a lot of people, in reality it is one of the, if not the most essential part of the early process. We have already covered this excessively, but cannot stress this enough, the name will more than likely largely determine how fast your business will take off.

A good startup name makes starting easier


Think of it as nitro to your rocket, if nitro makes it go faster and not blow it up instead, that is. The name will give your business such a boost that its importance really cannot, and should not be understated. It is entirely possible to get good results with a mediocre name, but it is going to be that much harder, as opposed to having a good startup name and building the premise on that. If the base of your house is not right, you can expect structural problems in the future and the same is true about business.

Doing research for a good startup name


Research is obviously key whenever you have to come up with something unique. A lot of good ideas have already been taken, don’t forget that. The best to settle on something that is short, memorable and can be associated with your business in some way. If it has to be subtle, than it is going to be subtle. It doesn’t have to groundbreaking either, just a quality name for a quality site (and product).

Pick a good startup name


The best marketing strategy involves a good startup name, but it won’t stop there. Still, as it is the first step out of many, you have to get it right. Everything you do after that point, will be immensely more relevant if the people, your future customers will love the name of your startup. Remember, the name is your hello, it’s your foot in the door that will allow you to share your vision, your ideas. It is so much harder to overcome a bad start than it is to start out strong and be the front runner.

Some examples of good startup name


Let’s see some quality examples. Google, DropBox, Tumblr, HipChat, Reeder or Facebook, they all have two things in common, they are short and they also have two syllables. Most experts recommend this because it makes it easier for you to remember. The other aspect is a more technical one, and it has a lot to do with our willingness – or more like lack thereof – of typing in long URL’s into our browser. It turns out, we don’t really like to do that, which makes it for an online entrepreneur pretty much mandatory to come up with a short, memorable, good startup name.


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