Coming up with the right startup names

Startup Names

Coming up with the right startup names

The name of your startup is much more important than yours. Our names usually represent an idea of our parents. They probably had a reason to choose that particular name, but they did not really determine anything by giving it to us. Now when we are looking for startup names, we are suddenly talking about a whole different ball game. The name of your business venture matters. It matters very much, and not just because it is usually the first impression you give about yourself and your product.

It is also important because people often will be able to find you exactly because of the name that you gave to your startup. Choosing a quality name represents your intentions, and this should always be your first and most important goal. Before you can sell anything, you have to sell the idea of your product or service. How can you do that the most effectively? By choosing a name your future customers will be able to trust from the get go.

#1 – The Literal Concept of Startup Names

This is going to be a hit and miss kind of process. Chances are that you won’t fall in love with your first ideas. However, once those ideas are out of the way you will end up with something that can represent the core values of your business. Startup names should always – directly or indirectly – tell something about the product itself.


#2 – Startup Names Companies

Coming up with a great literal – or conceptual – idea is not an easy thing to do. If it would be, there would be a lot more great poets and writers. Don’t be afraid of letting an expert help you out. Before they start the brainstorming process, they will familiarize themselves with yourself, ensuring that they will come up with relevant and valuable startup names.


#3 – Suggestions from forums regarding startup names

Forums these days are generating an unbelievable amount of traffic. You can not only learn from first hand what your future customers might want, but you can actually get quality ideas and concepts free of charge. It’s all about having a proactive mind and the willingness to plan ahead. It’s better to start out with a quality name a month later than rushing into it with a half-cooked concept. When it comes to startup names, there is nothing worse than that.


#4 – Startup names of leading businesses in the same niche

Take some inspiration from others. Naturally I’m not talking about plagiarizing their content, but rather taking some inspiration to come up with your own. By allowing yourself to see the thinking process of others, others who managed to come up with something unique and valuable, you will be able to see things from a different perspective. Maybe this means using foreign words for your startup, words that although not English phrases,  frequently used by native speakers. Startup names born from very different concepts, in varying forms. Try to find some visual inspiration or browse the countless examples but regardless, don’t forget to add a little something of your own.

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