Ways to Find Unique Domain Names


Ways to Find Unique Domain Names

When it comes to naming your website unique domain names are the ticket to have. When you have unique domain names you will create your own brand, you will become identifiable by your name to past customers, and you will attract new customers.

Knowing all of that you have to decide what name you are going to hang on yourself. The following methods of locating unique domain names have worked for people in the past.


Have a Social Media Contest


One of the most popular ways to find unique domain names is to have a contest on your social media site. Tell all of your followers that you need unique domain names for your website and then offer a small reward to the person who comes up with the best name.

You should make it plain that the winner of the contest will have to come up with a name that is not currently being used by anyone else. That is a hard part of developing the right name for your online presence.


Unique Domain Names ? Ask Friends for Suggestions


A good way to come up with the right name for your space is to ask your friends. The great part of asking your friends is that you usually do not have to offer a prize to get them to make suggestions to you. The bad thing about asking your friends is that they often get their feelings hurt if you do not use the name they suggested.


Brainstorm on your own


Another way to come up with a unique title for the pages you have is for you to think of one all by yourself. You should get out a pencil and paper and jot down every one that comes to your mind, and why you think that name is good, or bad. When you have compiled the list then you can look over it and mark off the ones that have the most negative points about them.

When you have narrowed the list to jut three or four suggestions then you have to make the final choice by weighing the good points to each name, the bad points to each name, and the availability of the names.

That is a time consuming process that most people do not try because it is frustrating to choose the name that you think will be perfect and then discover that the name is owned by someone else.


Hire a Professional


The easiest way to choose a unique domain name that you know is available for use will be to hire a professional like NameB to help you. Professionals will take down all of the pertinent information concerning your web pages, the content of your pages, and what you want those pages to do for you.

Then they look at the popular things that are trending on the internet in the niche you are in and they find a name that will attract the most people. This is the easiest way to find an available name, and it is the least stressful way to find a name.

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