Why Aged Domain Names Tend to Work

aged domain names

Why Aged Domain Names Tend to Work

Aged domain names are as popular as ever, and there is a very good reason for it. They tend to work. Not really the age that matters in those cases, but rather the PageRank that you can buy with a domain like that. That is what we are after. Another important factor is the back link profiles. See, there is a vast difference between aged domain names and as often is the case, it comes down to you to realize this and decide if a particular domain like that worth your attention or not. Not all domain names were created equal, and that is particularly true in this case.

Check your aged domain names 

There are sites like expireddomains.net, where you can actually check the domain of your choice, and you can even see a couple of basic stats that will help you decide if the domain in question is indeed worthy of your attention or not. This is where SEO tools really start to pay dividends, and the main reason why I think purchasing a software like MajesticSEO is ultimately worth it. Not the only way to attack this problem of course, but analytics definitely make your life easier. It is entirely possible to create an extraordinary site (and online business) without ever using stuff like that, but if you are after an already established domain, using them is probably necessary. After all, you are after a certain PageRank and backlink profile that will help you take off the ground quicker and more effortlessly. That is where aged domain names can help the most, allowing you to hit the ground running. 

Aged domain names put out better content 

While not all aged domain names were created equal, it is generally true that a domain like that (and the site it represents) puts out better content. Managing a site for a long time for spam purposes is extremely hard, which means that aged domain names usually have a purpose, and the assumption is that they create real and valuable content and that is something we all want to be associated with. It makes a lot of sense if you think about it. Google analytics are not perfect, but they generally do a good job of weeding out the garbage sites, allowing you to find the true gems that already has a good reputation. Why do they have a good reputation? Because they are not spam sites. The system is not perfect (no system is) but it tends to work. This, combined with a penchant for SEO tactics, will allow any new entrepreneur to start out their career in a meaningful way that will allow future growth and the implementation of a business plan that will hopefully blossom into something consistently lucrative.

Aged domain names provide a tremendous advantage

The key thing is finding a site with hidden benefits. Many new entrepreneur does not realize that there are already existing assets available. They hit the market every day because someone lost interest in them, or cannot maintain them anymore. This is where we come into the picture, taking advantage of the situation. Aged domain names will remain valuable until the SEO tactics and ranking systems drastically change.

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